Cardistry Trainers FAQs

This section covers a number of facts, tips and questions about cardistry trainers, including why the best cardists choose to use them, and how you can best take care of your cardistry trainers.

What are cardistry trainers?

Cardistry trainers are essentially practice tools for cardists of all levels of expertise to use. They consist of a set of four to five solid planks which, when stacked together, is approximately the thickness of a standard deck of playing cards.

Our cardistry trainers are handmade from high quality resin, imported from USA. This makes our trainers waterproof, tough, durable and weather resistant.  

Why use cardistry trainers?

Cardistry trainers are used by cardists all over the world in order to practice their moves. They are especially perfect for practicing packet cuts, which are an integral part of every cardist's repertoire. 

Practicing with trainers ensures that you do not have to worry about dropping your cards, especially when practicing in public or on the go, where dropping cards can be inconvenient and embarrassing.

The best cardists in the world practice their craft daily. With such a rigorous practice schedule, playing cards can wear out very quickly. Cardistry trainers, on the other hand, are durable, waterproof and tough. You can drop them without fear of destroying them. And if they get dirty? Just wipe them clean!

Cardistry trainers are not meant to replace your trusty deck of cards - instead, it is simply the best and most convenient practice tool for the discerning and dedicated cardist.

How do I take care of my trainers?

When dealing with resin, there are three things to consider to ensure the longevity of your trainers - temperature, cleaning, and storage.


Resin is temperature sensitive. When using them in a high temperature environment, you might find that the trainers will become more flexible as the resin softens. This would also mean that the trainers will start to feel a bit stickier than normal. 

However, if you bring them back to a cool environment, they will quickly harden and their stickiness will disappear. Trainers will be able to glide effortlessly in an air-conditioned room, for example.

Our advice is to not use your trainers in a very hot environment for a prolonged period of time. Temperatures above 50°C could cause irreparable damage to your trainers. If your trainers ever feel too sticky or flexible, simply place them in a cool environment and they will soon be restored back to their full glory.


When you first receive your trainers, they might be a bit sticky due to the resin. However, with prolonged use, the trainers will naturally become less sticky and become easier to use.

To clean your trainers, simply use a dry cloth or piece of tissue paper to wipe the surfaces clean. You might be tempted to wash your trainers with water and soap - however, DO NOT do so! This will make the trainers extremely sticky. If there is really a need to, simply lightly run them through water and wipe dry.


The most ideal place to keep your trainers is in a cool and dry area at room temperature, avoiding any direct sunlight or potential heat sources.

If you wish to store them for long periods of time, a tip is to store your trainers in an upright position rather than laying them flat. This prevents the trainers from sticking to each other too tightly.

Can I use fanning powder or baby powder on my trainers?

Yes, you can use any form of powder to on your trainers to make them less sticky. Just like with playing cards, you only need to lightly cover the the trainers with a minimal amount of powder. I have had people tell me that using baby powder works very well too!

Note: powder and water in general do not go well together, as they will make the trainers sticky and unpleasant to handle. So, after applying powder on your trainers, keep them dry!

Why are the materials for cardistry trainers so hard to access?

It is a misconception that resin supplies are hard to access. It's more about the fact that the raw materials can be pretty expensive and difficult to handle.

You can either buy resin online or visit your nearest art specialty shop. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully before using, since different brands have different properties and mixing ratios for the resin and the hardener.

A note of caution: resin itself is viscous and notoriously hard to handle due to its short working life and pot life. It is going to take a long time to practice to get familiar with handling resin.

Are trainers environmentally friendly?

This is a complex question because there are many different types of resins out there. Natural resins, for example, are derived from plants and have been used for centuries as a varnish, glaze or as an adhesive tool. 

Most art resins, however, are synthetically produced from chemicals and are normally classified as irritants when in contact with skin or eyes. The vapour can adversely affect the respiratory health of the users.

For our trainers, we use non-toxic, VOC (volatile organic compound) free, fume-free, non-flammable and non-hazardous resin which conforms to ASTM D-4236. While liquid resins are somewhat difficult to handle and might cause irritation for certain users, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the hardened finished product.

Although resin might not be 100% biodegradable, we play our part at Cardpenter Productions to be socially responsible by disposing our waste properly and using other reusable and recyclable tools, which makes this world a better place for future generations to come.


Congratulations! You made it here! I hope you have learnt something new about resin and cardistry trainers. The information you see here was collated through my own experience as a cardist and as someone who has tried and experimented with all the different types of resins out there in the market.

We are proud of the trainers that we make here at Cardpenter Productions. The premium price placed on them is simply because each piece is painstakingly handmade, with a lot of time, sweat and effort put into each set of beautiful trainers in our store. They are the result of countless days, weeks, and months of experimentation, before we were able to produce something we can proud of putting into your hands.


If there any other concerns that you have which we have not covered, write to us at our Contact Us page! We would love to hear from you and will gladly address your questions.