Terms and Conditions

Here at Cardpenter Productions, we strive to bring you the best for all your playing card needs. We offer a huge variety of playing cards from our own personal collection.

Each of our products are stated and described clearly in the description and photo, and the condition of the decks are accurate to the best of our inspection. Every deck is sleeved in a plastic case for maximum protection. We pack every single package to the best of our ability as we understand how much it matters to me and you as a consumer to receive decks in its stated condition.

We do our best to carefully look over each deck for defects and we cannot be held accountable for minor imperfections to the packaging that could have been caused during the manufacturing process. The prices set forth in our shop reflect the overall quality, demand, and rarity of the cards. You agree to take on the risks by purchasing from us.


We do not accept any return or refunds once the decks have been shipped. Please contact us to initiate a refund before your shipment is fulfilled.

Cancelled orders:

We reserve the rights to cancel your order and refund in full amount in the event where the physical inventory is out of stock, or if there has been a suspected fraudulent transaction, or for any other reason. 

Please write to support@thecardpenter.com if you have any other further queries.

Lost mail that are sent back to us:

In the event when a mail is not delivered to you and shipped back to us, we will send out an email to inform you if you want a refund or send back to you again (at the customer's cost). We are not responsible for any parcel that is lost by the courier forwarder.

Full tracking on shipment via Singapore Post:

Full tracking is not available to your doorstep. (E.g US, Canada residences and more) Please note that for shipping via SingPost, tracking is only available until it reaches the designated country, full tracking to your doorstep will only be available via Speedpost if package is over 2 Kg or if item is an uncut sheet.


 Updated as of 22 September 2022.